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 Q. How would you describe your boat tour and who does it suit best.

A. Our boat tours are great for kids, its a fun trip, all the children (and adults if they wish) have a chance to go into the wheelhouse with the captain and take the helm, they also receive a free boat certificate.

Q. If I pay for the combined Boat & Dover Rover Bus tour, can I do the boat first and then the bus trip, or visa-versa ?

AYes you can. It is your day so after purchasing your tickets from our Marina Ticket Office you can decide which sailing or bus tour you would like to take.

Q. I am in another Town (Folkestone, Canterbury, Deal, St Margerets Bay, Sandwich) would it be possible to be picked up and if so, how much would it cost?

A. Yes, we can make bus pick-ups in most local towns but we do need 4 or 5 passengers to make it worth our while. That way we can keep costs down. If you are on your own, or just two of you, we do charge a supplement. Please phone for ticket price 07971 301379.                                                 

Q. I want to book a tour in advance, must I pay a deposit? If so, how do I go about it and how much? 

A. You can pay over the internet with a bank money transfer or by Paypal (please contact us at our email-address: If you are booking a bus tour from a Cruise Ship and wish to pay in advance we can take the full amount over the internet. If your ship fails to dock you will receive a full refund. Please check the availability of the tour (number of seats on bus etc) before making any payments.

Q. Do I need to book a Boat Tour or Bus Tour in advance? Do you run all the year round?

A. You need to book our tours only in the winter months, or for our Day Tours to Canterbury, Leeds Castle or other Kent tours. Our Boat and Bus Tours run all through the summer (May, June, July & August), seven days a week. So you can just turn up at our Ticket Office in Dover Marina. In March, April & Sept week-ends only, unless booked in advance. In Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb the weather in the English Channel is very unpredictable but our buses still run. We do run the boat over the winter months but a booking will have to be made.

Q. Has the boat shelter if it is raining? How many people does it carry?

AYes, the boat is covered in with a part glass roof and a see through side canopy. The total number of passengers we can carry is 70 (seventy).

Q. I have two small children. Is the boat tour suitable for my children aged 3 yrs and a 7 year old who is hypactive? Also would my husband and I enjoy the trip?

A. Yes, both your children will enjoy the boat tour. The Captain lets all the Mums and Dads bring the children into the Wheelhouse and they all get to drive the boat (one at a time and with the Captain's supervison) they also receive a free certificate at the end of the trip.

Q. How many tour boats run in Dover? Is the sea rough? Will my family get sea sick?

A. Only one Tour Boat runs in Dover - the "Southern Queen". The boat tour is in the Bay of Dover which is a round trip of 5km in all. The waters in the Bay are usualy quite calm but can be a little choppy at times. The English Channel has some very strong tides and currents and looking out to sea sometimes seems quite deceiving. Dover Bay is quite sheltered from the very strong winds & strong tides in the English Channel.

Q. What will we see on the boat tour? Will we see the cliffs?

A. You can see all the famous sights including: Dover's White Cliffs, Dover Castle and the start of the war time tunnels, the Roman Lighthouse, St Mary Saxon Church, the Cross Channel Ferries, Cruise Ships and all the workings of the Port. Also coming back in you will see the Second World War St Martin's gun battery overlooking Dover Marina. 


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